Help and Support

Northern Ireland Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) with a registered number prefix of NILLP

This guidance outlines temporary measures which are in place to enable Northern Ireland LLPs with a number prefix of NILLP to use the WebFiling service.

LLPs with a number prefix of NILLP will be able to access the service using their existing registration number, but must use a NC prefix rather than NILLP. This is an interim measure while Companies House systems are updated to enable NILLP to be used as a prefix.  Please note, the registered name of the LLP is unaffected.

Sign in & Registration:

If you are an LLP with a prefix of NILLP and want to use the WebFiling service, please use the following sign in procedures:

  • for Company Type, select Northern Ireland (not R0) from the menu options
  • enter your existing registration number, but do not include the NILLP prefix (e.g. if your number is NILLP999, enter 999 or NC999)
  • enter the valid authentication code for the LLP number entered

While using the service:

The NC prefix (not NILLP prefix) will be displayed before the registration number for the following:

  • all screens displayed while using the WebFiling service
  • any email communications generated by the WebFiling service
  • any letters generated by the WebFiling service
  • any file copies of transactions generated by the WebFiling service

Forms filed and available for inspection on the public record:

All forms available for public inspection will display the NILLP prefix followed by the number.

The NC prefix used to access the WebFiling service will NOT appear on any forms filed on the public record.