Important Template Information

Known Problems

Copy and pasting data into the Accounts – we are aware that certain punctuation characters that have been pasted into the Accounts template Notes section from another application may cause error messages and/or submission failures.

Adobe Enhanced Security – if the Enhanced Security settings are enabled, this may prevent the display of error/ acknowledgement messages.

Adobe Enhanced Security Background

As of version 9.3 and 8.2 updates of Adobe Reader, Enhanced Security will be automatically enabled. Earlier versions of Adobe Reader should not affected by this issue.


Copy and Paste - We suggest that users enter the data into the accounts template without using the cut and paste facility from other software. This ensures that all data and characters are freshly entered without adopting any third party software settings.

Adobe Enhanced Security - If you are using versions 8.2 or above of Adobe Reader with Enhanced Security enabled we suggest that you disable this security setting whilst using the Accounts template as this will allow appropriate messaging to be displayed.

NOTE: Please be aware that this is a security setting and should be re-enabled immediately after your submission has been successfully sent.

To disable the Enhanced Security setting:

1. Download the accounts template and open

2. Select 'Edit' from the toolbar at the top

3. Select 'Preferences' from the list

Accounts Preference Screen

4. Select 'security (enhanced)' from the categories on the left panel

5. Un-tick the Enable Enhanced Security box and click OK

Accounts Preference Enhanced Screen

6. Complete the Accounts template

NOTE: Please re-enable this security setting once submission has been successful by doing the reverse of the above instructions.