The Annual Return allows the user to submit a snapshot of the company data, with associated documents, that update the company information. These will be displayed on the Public Record as separate form types

Annual Return forms are unavailable online for the following companies:
  • company numbers that begin with a prefix (e.g. FC, AC etc.) except for SC
  • companies with more than 80 individual and joint shareholders
  • companies where the total current and resigned officers is greater than 120
  • companies with a share value of more than 3 decimal places
  • companies with an individual share value of more than £9999
  • Limited Liability Partnerships
  • companies with more than 10 joint shareholders per shareholding
  • companies with more than 6 values (currencies) of nominal capital
  • dissolved companies
  • companies that are converted or closed
  • companies required to submit lists of subsidiary and associated undertakings
  • companies where more than 255 changes need to be input within a single session
  • companies where there are more than 1000 tags per document.
  • companies with more than 6 classes of share
  • companies with a Corporate Voluntary Arrangement in place