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Who can use WebFiling?

WebFiling can be used by all companies with company numbers that contain all digits e.g. 1020304 or have the prefixes:

  • NI, R0 and SC for Limited Companies
  • OC, SO and NC for Limited Liability Partnerships. Please see guidance on NILLP prefix

What company information can I send electronically?

  • Changes to the company address, directors and secretaries can be submitted free of charge.
  • Micro entity and dormant company accounts (not available for Community Interest Companies or Limited Liability Partnerships)
  • Further information on filing company accounts is available fromFiling your company accounts.
  • Confirmation statement £34
  • Change of name £20 (standard service) and £83 (same day service)
  • Register a Charge (£15) and satisfy a Charge

View the full list of WebFiling transactions available

Who can’t use WebFiling?

WebFiling can not be used by companies or limited liability partnerships that are dissolved, converted or closed.

Also a WebFiling confirmation statement can not be used by companies:

  • with 1,000 or more individual or joint shareholders
  • that are required to submit lists of subsidiary and associated undertakings
  • with multiple paid of unpaid capital details within the same class of share
  • with paid or unpaid capital details of a different currency from the class of share
  • with more than an aggregate nominal share value of up to 12 whole numbers and 3 decimal places
  • with more than a paid or unpaid share value of up to 9 whole numbers and 6 decimal places
  • who need to transfer more than 30 individual share transfers per class within a single WebFiling session
  • with more than 6 classes of share currency (also applies to SH01)
  • with more than 10 joint shareholders per shareholding
  • who need to input more than 255 changes within a single WebFiling session